Fundraising for Support In Nepal

There are lots of different ways that you can raise money to help Support In Nepal. Some people may be able to donate their time and organisational ability to running an event help Support In Nepal support people living in extreme poverty. Get your family friends or colleagues to support you and organise a fundraising event.

Whatever you want to do, the Support In Nepal fundraising department is here to support you and offer you any materials and resources available to assist you. By organising an event you are making a valuable contribution to Support In Nepal, helping to support our much needed work in Nepal. So what are you waiting for – contact our Fundraising office now to discuss your idea!

Email for further information.

In your community

B-B-Q or summer party

Ask everyone to pay €2 to come along and bring some food with them.


Put together a concert or talent show and sell tickets to neighbours, friends and family to watch.

Treasure hunt

Do a treasure hunt for people in your neighbourhood. People pay to enter and offer prizes for the winners.

Car boot sale

People pay you to have a stall and you could sell cold drinks and snacks on the day.

Sports day

A variety of sports for people to take part in and competitions with prizes for the winners.

Book group

Organise a regular book group in your community and charge a membership fee. Knitting! If you have knitting skills, make something spectacular and raffle it. Or have a knitting sale so lots of people can contribute.

At University / College

Balls and University events

Ask the organisers to make a donation to Support In Nepal, or ask them if you can sell raffle tickets or run your own cocktail stand to raise money.

Students’ Union

Ask your Students’ Union to give a donation towards Support In Nepal – most have money set aside for charities their students are supporting.

Rich / poor meal

Organise a meal where everyone pays the same amount but guests enter a ballot where some receive a sumptuous 3 course meal and others just a bowl of rice.


Ask your RAG or University fundraising group to help you run an event and request that the money goes to Support In Nepal.

Fashion Show

Buy clothes from charity shops for a fashion show with student models. Sell tickets and then auction off clothes at the end of the evening. Or you could ask The Support In Nepal shop to loan you the clothes for auction and then return the proceeds to them.

Some idea to raise the fund:-

At work

Holiday auction

Ask your boss to donate a week or a few days of paid leave, then auction it off to the highest bidder.

Dress down / fancy dress day

Charge €2 to wear what you like to work, or choose a funky fancy dress theme.

Office jukebox

Play your favourite songs for 50c a go (charge €1 to get rid of a song you hate!)

Sponsored job swap

Sponsor the boss to work on reception for an hour.

Party premium

Add a €2 donation per person to the cost of an Office party.

Quiz night

Find a local pub and ask them to let you hold a quiz – more business for them and Support In Nepal gets the quiz takings.

Company matching

Ask your company if they are willing to match your fundraising total.