Support In Nepal is non-governmental, non-profit making development organization registered in District Administration Office Kathmandu and Social Welfare Councul (SWC) under act of Government of Nepal. Support In Nepal is focused on implementing activities like gender equality, lobbying for protection of human rights, participatory development, promotion of social norms and values, campaign against human trafficking, campaign for educationl rights and income generating activities for the marginalized and socially excluded communities. It is committed in creating a self sustained society and would like to contribute somethig worth noting in the process of social transformation.

Since its Establishment, Support In Nepal is guided by the principles of equality, equit, co-existence and the respect for human dignity, Support In Nepal has been developed in the campaign of social transformation and community empowerment. over the time, Support In Nepal has learned various lesions, and experiences, developed expertise and identified the key thematic areas that motivated the institution to develop clearly focused institutional development planning with several changes and perspectives.


  • To provide a platform to start volunteering.
  • Make school kids empowered through different programs such as environmental awareness, health and sanitation awareness etc.
  • Implement small projects such as school repair, tap repair, library establishment, medical supplies, sport material to the school etc.
  • Provide sponsorship for kids who cannot afford to go to school.
  • To mobilize volunteers for development, reformation, progress and benefit of the community.
  • To produce audio and video materials to increase the level of volunteerism among the people and to help the community.
  • To increase the skill of volunteers, and through volunteers develop the skills of the community.
  • To mobilize volunteers in the education, health, environment, human rights, agriculture, and community. etc sectors.
  • To help local Youth Club, Mother Group, User Group etc.
  • To publish different volunteerism promoting reading materials.
  • To promote volunteerism.
  • To increase the feeling of volunteerism among the people.

To fulfill our objectives, the support and help of volunteers, partners and local peoples is required.

Vision :

  • Mechanism of increasing community welfare.
  • Livelihood uplifting program
  • A community fund working alongside our other volunteering programs to directly or indirectly support for the well being of community

Our focus:

On-going volunteer programs.


Partnering with different stakeholders for capacity building and cross learning
Establishing networks with like-minded individuals and organizations


Support In Nepal recognizes that when planning and implementing any development program whether of a social, economic or ecological nature, sustainability must be built in. Sustainable development can best be achieved through the active involvement of all stakeholders and especially the people affected by the planned development.


Providing community based solutions to meet local problems
Involve volunteers in development efforts
Develop and instruct training seminars

Support In Nepal undertake:

Education Development, Volunteer Programs, Child and Youth Development Programs, Early Childhood Development, Child Labor, Child Rights, Research and Study and Training Programs.
The volunteer program is Support In Nepal core program. Volunteers can contribute to projects in a variety of ways.

People who share our vision can help to develop the programs by:

Raising awareness of our work by writing articles, making contact with potential partnership organizations, developing networks, giving talks, etc
Working in villages and schools in Nepal
Taking part in our research programs
Sponsoring a child or young person’s education
Carrying out fundraising and writing funding applications